Why Are Detox centre in Ottawa Canada So Important Nowadays?

Is your loved one addicted to some kind of chemical substances? Be it drug or alcohol, addiction to the substance can be very deadly. It affects a person physically and psychologically. Studies have shown that if the drug or alcohol addiction is left untreated, it can increase the health cost of the addicted person.

Moreover, it would also increase the health services in Canada. Hence, as soon as one learns that their loved one is addicted to any chemical substance, the addicted should be taken to Detox centre in Ottawa Canada. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that addicts shouldn’t be forced into an addiction recovery program. Only when the addicts have a self-realization about the harmful effects of addiction they can be provided help for it.

detox centre in Ottawa Canada

Getting Support

Substance abusers or addicts need support from their friends and relatives all the time, especially when they decide to take the path of recovery. It would make their transition process easier. With support, they will try to recover fast.


Hospitalization Cost

According to experts, substance abuse and addiction can cost hospitals and addiction treatment centers a lot. Going by the latest survey, it was seen that the cost of hospitalization increased by 22% and is going to increase in the coming years. In the year 2006, the hospitalization cost was $219 and in 2011 it was around $267.

Reports provided by Detox centre in Ottawa Canada showed that people aged between 45-64 stayed in hospitals due to alcohol, addiction;  people addicted to opioids are between 25-44 years; and people aged between 15-24 were addicted to cannabis. Often studies showed that small amount of Canadians were admitted to hospital with substance use disorder. Be it a small or a large one, harm is inevitable.

The only way to get rid of substance use disorder or addiction is to undergo a proper treatment. The detox centre can detoxify a person from the toxin and look after their withdrawal symptoms. Read more about the increasing problems in alcoholism here!


Treatment and Support is Necessary

Addicts, in order to fully recover from their addiction, would require the best possible care. This can be possible when there is a perfect cooperation between various sectors, health care, mental health, social service, education, etc. Hence, before admitting an addict to Detox centre in Ottawa Canada, one needs to see if they provide treatment and support side by side.

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Along with the detox treatment, the facility should be able to provide a rehab program. Rehab program can provide appropriate care for addicts with substance abuse problem. After all, they know that when the quality of life of an addict gets improved, it would reduce their need for health services. Most Detox centre in Ottawa Canada can help clients in finding the right treatment for the clients depending on the addiction.

Neworld Detox centre in Ottawa Canada are working towards helping patients in reducing their hospital costs. With proper counseling and support after the detox process, an addict won’t go back for the substance again. After all, the professionals through counseling session will try to address the psychological issues of the client. Once it is addressed and solved, an addict can easily lead a sober life.