Booth, David and Karen Reczuch. The Dust Bowl. Toronto: Kids Can Press.1996.

Matthew lives on a prairie farm with his father and grandfather. The land is bone dry. His father is discouraged and Matthew is afraid they’ll have to sell the farm. On a Sunday morning over breakfast, Matthew’s grandfather shares with him the story of their land during the dust bowl of the 30’s. Together they recognize the love and courage that links them to one another and to the farm.

Franklin and the BabyBourgeois, Paula, and Brenda Clark. Franklin and the Baby. Toronto: Kids Can Press. 1999.

Franklin’s Bad DayBourgeois, Paula. Franklin’s Bad Day. Toronto: Kids Can Press. 1996.

Franklin is having a very bad day. Everything and everyone is the object of his bad mood. Even his friends Bear and Beaver are unable to cheer him up. Sent to his room by his mother, Franklin kicks down his block castle and lays down to cry. Father runs up to see what happened and is able to help Franklin realize the source of his “worstest day ever!”

If I Were Your FatherBridges, Margaret Park and Kady MacDonald Denton. If I Were Your Father. London: Walker Books. 1999.
ISBN 0-688-15192-2.

A little boy offers his own fantastic vision of what a father might do, but he soon discovers a true treasure—his father’s love and encouragement, always ready and waiting, right by his side.

Grandfather and IBuckley, Helen E and Ormerod, Jan. Grandfather and I. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books. 1994.

A young boy finds out that everyone is in a hurry, except for his grandfather, who is never in a hurry when he is with him.

A Perfect Father’s DayBunting, Eve and Susan Meddaugh. A Perfect Father’s Day. New York: Clarion. 1991.
ISBN 0-395-66416-0

Susie and Dad leave Mom at home while four-year-old Susie treats Dad to the perfect Father’s Day, starting with lunch and ending with a big hug.