Welcome to Dads Can

Dads Can promotes responsible and involved fathering by supporting men’s personal development into fatherhood and healthy fathering patterns in our society. We believe that every child deserves a committed, loving, responsible father who is involved with the family.
Bienvenue à Dads Can
Dads Can a pour mission de revaloriser un idéal de paternité axé sur la responsabilité et l’implication des pères, en soutenant leur cheminement personnel vers une paternité et des comportements positifs au sein de notre société. Nous croyons que chaque enfant mérite la présence d’un père engagé, aimant et responsable, qui s’implique dans la vie de famille.



Many men today feel set adrift from the notion of themselves as “father.” Times have changed, and the old, familiar, traditional models of parenting no longer work. Society has not yet evolved a strong and workable new model of parenting, or, in particular, of fathering.

Dr. Neil Campbell believes the answer to the question “what is an involved father?” can be found within the experiences and stories of our own lives. In this book he takes us into his life, first as a son, then as a father, sharing some of the profound insights he learned along the way.

Neil Campbell, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized advocate of responsible, involved fathering. he is the founder and executive director of Dads Can, and the creator of Dad Classes, a model now spreading across Canada. He is the proud father of two wonderful daughters and an assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario.