Can Essiac Tea really cure Cancer?

Some Essiac Tea benefits include curing cancer, improving digestive problems, and boosting immunity.  However, the question is whether the benefit s of this herb tea been proven or is simple folklore.

Can It Really Cure Cancer?

Can beating cancer be as easy as sipping a cup of tea? There are many people who has been able to survive cancer with the help of this tea made with four ingredients called the Essiac Tea.

In the late 19th century, this genius medicine man in the north of Canada gave Essiac Tea to a Caucasian woman who was suffering from breast cancer and lived near a mining operation. Few years later, the woman passed on the recipe to a nurse. This nurse helped several cancer with this formula and Essiac Tea benefits.

The nurse also worked on an injectable formula of this tea. It is not easy to find out the number of patients that this nurse treated with the tea. Even more difficult is to find out if the tea is the only reason the patients were cancer free.

Many of the doctors are known to have referred their cancer patients to this nurse. This is true if the doctors have done nothing more than helping their patients.

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Have the Essiac Tea Benefits Been Proven?

There are several anecdotal evidences which show that Essiac Tea is good for people with cancer. One reason why it works is because the ingredients which have been used the herbal tea doesn’t just kills cancer but will also purify the blood. However, the real question that worry people is are the Essiac Tea benefits real?

You are not going to find any large-scale studies that show that the recipe can kill cancer.  The nurse herself had a pretty difficult time to make the government recognize the benefits of the tea.

The Cancer Commission of Ontario never recognized the benefits for curing cancer. Moreover, it refused to put it under further tests unless the nurse disclosed the ingredients. The nurse was afraid that if she revealed the herbs, the treatment is going for crushing by the mainstream medical bodies.

Nonetheless, there are small-scale clinical researches which show that Essiac Teas has anti-cancer properties.  The individual herbs have proven therapeutic benefits.  There are some medical doctors who also believe in the benefits of this tea. The ability comes from the ability to get rid of the toxins.  This is due to the strong detox ability that the key can kill off cancer cells.  However, the nurse has never claimed that the tea is the cancer cure. She believes that her goal is to alleviate the pain and control cancer.

Herbal Actions

The tea contains antimicrobial activity and tends to promising as an antimicrobial agent.  This is due to the ingredient sheep sorrel.  It can reduce inflammation.

The burdock root can boost the immune system. This is the one with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous activities.

Rhubarb root will help in reducing the cellular activities. This acts like a natural laxative. Hence, it will help to detox the digestive system.  Additionally, you will be able to detox with this as it will help with toxin removal.  However, it might not help in preventing skin cancer.

The slippery elm will help people having inflammatory bowel disease. These are primarily the Essiac Tea benefits offered by the individual ingredients. Find more useful info about the benefits of Essiac Tea!



Why Are Detox centre in Ottawa Canada So Important Nowadays?

Is your loved one addicted to some kind of chemical substances? Be it drug or alcohol, addiction to the substance can be very deadly. It affects a person physically and psychologically. Studies have shown that if the drug or alcohol addiction is left untreated, it can increase the health cost of the addicted person.

Moreover, it would also increase the health services in Canada. Hence, as soon as one learns that their loved one is addicted to any chemical substance, the addicted should be taken to Detox centre in Ottawa Canada. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is that addicts shouldn’t be forced into an addiction recovery program. Only when the addicts have a self-realization about the harmful effects of addiction they can be provided help for it.

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Getting Support

Substance abusers or addicts need support from their friends and relatives all the time, especially when they decide to take the path of recovery. It would make their transition process easier. With support, they will try to recover fast.


Hospitalization Cost

According to experts, substance abuse and addiction can cost hospitals and addiction treatment centers a lot. Going by the latest survey, it was seen that the cost of hospitalization increased by 22% and is going to increase in the coming years. In the year 2006, the hospitalization cost was $219 and in 2011 it was around $267.

Reports provided by Detox centre in Ottawa Canada showed that people aged between 45-64 stayed in hospitals due to alcohol, addiction;  people addicted to opioids are between 25-44 years; and people aged between 15-24 were addicted to cannabis. Often studies showed that small amount of Canadians were admitted to hospital with substance use disorder. Be it a small or a large one, harm is inevitable.

The only way to get rid of substance use disorder or addiction is to undergo a proper treatment. The detox centre can detoxify a person from the toxin and look after their withdrawal symptoms. Read more about the increasing problems in alcoholism here!


Treatment and Support is Necessary

Addicts, in order to fully recover from their addiction, would require the best possible care. This can be possible when there is a perfect cooperation between various sectors, health care, mental health, social service, education, etc. Hence, before admitting an addict to Detox centre in Ottawa Canada, one needs to see if they provide treatment and support side by side.

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Along with the detox treatment, the facility should be able to provide a rehab program. Rehab program can provide appropriate care for addicts with substance abuse problem. After all, they know that when the quality of life of an addict gets improved, it would reduce their need for health services. Most Detox centre in Ottawa Canada can help clients in finding the right treatment for the clients depending on the addiction.

Neworld Detox centre in Ottawa Canada are working towards helping patients in reducing their hospital costs. With proper counseling and support after the detox process, an addict won’t go back for the substance again. After all, the professionals through counseling session will try to address the psychological issues of the client. Once it is addressed and solved, an addict can easily lead a sober life.