How to Hire a Good Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes your marriage can turn out to be different than expected. Due to several reasons, many couples choose to part ways. Getting a divorce is neither an easy nor a simple decision; which is why you should carefully choose your divorce lawyer. Understandably, many people do not have any experience regarding court matters. A good divorce lawyer will guide you through the maze of laws and unfamiliar procedures. He/she will make what could be a desolate period in your life, a tad bit easier to handle.

Some key pointers to look for, while hiring a divorce lawyer in Oakville:

  1. The Experience

If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer in Oakville, look for the ones with experience. Experienced lawyers would have encountered diverse cases and possess practical knowledge. They understand the nuances of the legal course. Long years of practice imply not just good legal knowledge but a reasonable amount of life experience too. Thus, they can empathize well with your situation.

Do some research about your lawyer’s experience. Be upfront about this; ask them how long they’ve been practicing for. Usually, lawyers with at least 8-10 years of experience are considered to be experienced.

divorce lawyer in Oakville

  1. Pick a clean lawyer

Getting a divorce is not a contest. So, your lawyer shouldn’t be a person who is ready to get the job done by hook or crook. Some lawyers use loopholes in the law and play dirty tricks just so you get a favorable judgment. This is not advisable. Some foul tactics that lawyers resort to are:

  • Blackmailing the opposite party regarding asset seizure
  • Anonymously raiding the family bank accounts

These kinds of lawyers will not help you arrive at an amicable decision. So do backgrounds check on the lawyer’s reputation.

  1. Affordability

A divorce is a messy affair – not just emotionally, but financially too. Educate yourself on the usual rates charged by the average divorce lawyer in Oakville. Understand the billing practices of your lawyer. If you feel that hiring a divorce lawyer would be hard on your finances, consider choosing a mediator. If you and your spouse agree upon mediation, it would be less expensive.

  1. Choose assertion over aggression

Yes, people with a meek personality cannot be lawyers. But there is a fine line separating assertiveness from aggression. You do not want an aggressive lawyer representing you. Their aggression might sometimes force you to make irrational decisions. You just have a disagreement with your spouse. But an aggressive lawyer tends to antagonize the opposite party; which is unnecessary. Pick a lawyer who asserts your stance rather than an aggressive one.

divorce lawyer in Oakville

  1. Hire a lawyer from a smaller firm

Lawyers from large firms have numerous high-profile clients. They charge hefty amounts. Also, due to their workload, they are bound to delegate their work to their associates. Remember that you will be paying for the associates’ time too. Costs can escalate quickly.

A lawyer from a small firm will devote enough time and charge less. You just have to find an experienced lawyer whose charges are reasonable.


What Happens in a Clinical Trial?

Clinical Trials are used to test new techniques of diagnosing, treating or preventing health conditions. The aim is to decide whether something is both effective and safe. Different things are evaluated through clinical studies which include:

  • New uses for present medications
  • Medical devices
  • Medications
  • Medication combinations
phase 2 clinical studies

Before a clinical trial, examiners conduct preclinical research by using human cell cultures or animal modes. If the preclinical research is favorable, they proceed with a clinical trial to check out how well it works on human beings. Clinical trials take place in various phases while various questions are asked. Every phase tends to progress on the results of previous phases. Read more to learn about what occurs during each phase.

What carries out in phase 0?

phase 2 clinical studies

Phase 0 clinical trials are done with a small number of people, normally fewer than 15. Examiners use a very small dose of medication to ensure safety to humans before they begin to use it in higher doses for the next phases. If then medication proves different than expected, the examiners will likely to do some extra preclinical study before determining whether to continue with the trial.

What carries out in phase 1?

phase 2 clinical studies

At the time of phase 1 clinical trial, examiners spend various months observing the effects of the medication on about 20-80 people with no existing health conditions. This phase aims to find out the highest dose of humans with no serious side effects. Examiners observe participants keenly to check out how their bodies react to the medication at this phase. Besides evaluating ideal dosage and safety, examiners also find the best way to administer the drug such as intravenously, orally or topically. As per the FDA, nearly 70% of the trusted source of medications proceeds to phase 2 clinical studies.

What carries out in phase 2?

phase 2 clinical studies

Phase 2 clinical studies include several 100 participants who are staying with the condition that the new medication will surely do the treatment. They are normally given the same dose which was found to be safe in the previous one. Examiners observe participants for various months or years to check out how effective the medication is and to collect more details on any side effects it may cause. While phase 2 clinical studies include more participants, it is still not huge to determine the full safety of a medication. However, the information gathered during this phase assisted examiners to get methods for conducting phase 3.

What carries out in phase 3?

phase 2 clinical studies

Phase 3 clinical studies usually include 3000 participants who have the condition that the new medication will surely come up with the treatment. This phase aims to examine how the new medication works when compared with existing medications for a similar condition. For this purpose, examiners use a method called randomization. This includes a random selection of some participants to get the new medication and others to get an existing medication. These trials are mostly double-minded which indicates neither the participant nor the examiner knows which medication the participant is going through. This assists to remove bias when interpreting results.

phase 2 clinical studies

What carries out in phase 4?

Phase 4 clinical trials occur after the approval of the FDA. This phase includes 1000 participants and can last for many years. Examiners use this phase to receive more details about the medication’s long-term effectiveness, safety and any other advantages.

Can Essiac Tea really cure Cancer?

Some Essiac Tea benefits include curing cancer, improving digestive problems, and boosting immunity.  However, the question is whether the benefit s of this herb tea been proven or is simple folklore.

Can It Really Cure Cancer?

Can beating cancer be as easy as sipping a cup of tea? There are many people who has been able to survive cancer with the help of this tea made with four ingredients called the Essiac Tea.

In the late 19th century, this genius medicine man in the north of Canada gave Essiac Tea to a Caucasian woman who was suffering from breast cancer and lived near a mining operation. Few years later, the woman passed on the recipe to a nurse. This nurse helped several cancer with this formula and Essiac Tea benefits.

The nurse also worked on an injectable formula of this tea. It is not easy to find out the number of patients that this nurse treated with the tea. Even more difficult is to find out if the tea is the only reason the patients were cancer free.

Many of the doctors are known to have referred their cancer patients to this nurse. This is true if the doctors have done nothing more than helping their patients.

essiac tea benefits

Have the Essiac Tea Benefits Been Proven?

There are several anecdotal evidences which show that Essiac Tea is good for people with cancer. One reason why it works is because the ingredients which have been used the herbal tea doesn’t just kills cancer but will also purify the blood. However, the real question that worry people is are the Essiac Tea benefits real?

You are not going to find any large-scale studies that show that the recipe can kill cancer.  The nurse herself had a pretty difficult time to make the government recognize the benefits of the tea.

The Cancer Commission of Ontario never recognized the benefits for curing cancer. Moreover, it refused to put it under further tests unless the nurse disclosed the ingredients. The nurse was afraid that if she revealed the herbs, the treatment is going for crushing by the mainstream medical bodies.

Nonetheless, there are small-scale clinical researches which show that Essiac Teas has anti-cancer properties.  The individual herbs have proven therapeutic benefits.  There are some medical doctors who also believe in the benefits of this tea. The ability comes from the ability to get rid of the toxins.  This is due to the strong detox ability that the key can kill off cancer cells.  However, the nurse has never claimed that the tea is the cancer cure. She believes that her goal is to alleviate the pain and control cancer.

Herbal Actions

The tea contains antimicrobial activity and tends to promising as an antimicrobial agent.  This is due to the ingredient sheep sorrel.  It can reduce inflammation.

The burdock root can boost the immune system. This is the one with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous activities.

Rhubarb root will help in reducing the cellular activities. This acts like a natural laxative. Hence, it will help to detox the digestive system.  Additionally, you will be able to detox with this as it will help with toxin removal.  However, it might not help in preventing skin cancer.

The slippery elm will help people having inflammatory bowel disease. These are primarily the Essiac Tea benefits offered by the individual ingredients. Find more useful info about the benefits of Essiac Tea!